Texas wine has started to make a name for itself, by experimenting  with new varietals that are more suited to the weather fluctuations in this climate. Nation wide weather patterns have increased cause for another look at what will survive. Thankfully, Texas has been expanding its acreage to over 4,000 acres producing vineyard farmland and several new wineries to try this weekend.

Two Boutique Central Texas Wineries

You take back-roads to get to Ab Astris Winery, yet it’s just off the main Hill Country wine trail, not more than two miles north of Highway 290. Check out our Texas wine trails maps to navigate to this central Texas winery that is just off the beaten path. Or follow the signs at every bend in the road, a road that gently rolls over every hill, and finally you find yourself in a wide-open setting with a quaint tasting room and plenty of outdoor seating. The young vineyards encircle the property and the sound of birds fills the air. It’s windy today, just after heavy rains so the ground is wet, still walkable but you must tread lightly.

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