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My Winespill shares user experience of Texas wineries and wine trails. Here you will enjoy stunning scenery and award-winning wines. Folks love the Hill Country for its gorgeous views, sparkling rivers, adorable small towns and wide-open spaces. Come find your favorite wine in the Texas Hill Country.

My Winespill shares maps of Texas wineries and wine trails

The story of Texas grapes and Texas Hill Country Wineries and vineyards starts with a map. Use our maps of Texas wineries, trails, and all your wine needs to explore all the Texas wine country has to offer. It is our intention to deliver our experience and share with all y’all accessible, entertaining and inspiring content about wine and the wine trails throughout the wine regions of Texas.

The sunny and dry climate of the major winemaking regions in the state have drawn comparison to southern Europe as in Spain or southern Italy. Texas is ranked as the fifth largest wine producing state in the U.S. and is continuing its steady pace of expansion within the wine world. Thanks to many of the founding vineyards who started planting vines just as California in the 1960s was stamping its footprint into the wine industry.

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[eltdf_section_title position=”center” title_tag=”” title_separator=”yes” subtitle_tag=”” title=”OUR HISTORY” subtitle=”The Texas wine industry began near the border of Mexico and New Mexico. Spanish missionaries established the first vineyard in North America in 1662. Here the state’s oldest winery still in operation is Val Verde, established in 1883. The modern Texas wine industry began again in 1976.”]
[eltdf_workflow animate=”yes”][eltdf_workflow_item title_left=”1976″ subtitle_left=”first winery” text_left=”Texas High Plains consist of central and the western Texas Panhandle, covering 12,000 square miles. Caprock Winery was the first publicly held Winery in the state.” image=”7276″ title_right=”1985″ subtitle_right=”high altitude” text_right=”Mesilla Valley, north and west of El Paso and edging into New Mexico where the growing season is dry and hot.”][eltdf_workflow_item title_left=”1986″ subtitle_left=”first AVA” image=”7279″ text_left=”Bell Mountain was the first Texas viticultural area and was designated by our Federal government as Texas’ first wine-growing area (AVA).” title_right=”1991″ subtitle_right=”wine trail” text_right=”Fredericksburg: One hundred and ten square miles of wine producing rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country.”][eltdf_workflow_item title_left=”1992″ subtitle_left=”fifth designated” text_left=”Escondido Valley is a West Texas wine-growing area stretching 50 square miles along interstate 10 in Pecos County.” image=”7281″ title_right=”1998″ subtitle_right=”volcanic soil” text_right=”The Davis Mountains fall into the southwest viticultural area of the Escondido Valley known as the Trans-Pecos region of West Texas.”][eltdf_workflow_item title_left=”2011″ text_left=”Since 2011, all La Cruz de Comal wines are made strictly from their estate grown grapes.” image=”7285″ title_right=”1990’s” subtitle_right=”planted first vineyard” text_right=”The original 17-acre Kuhlken Estate Vineyard is located north of Fredericksburg along the Llano Highway in the first viticultural area designated in Texas, Bell Mountain AVA.” subtitle_left=”wine organic company”][/eltdf_workflow]

My Winespill shares user experience of Texas wineries and wine trails.

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