4.0 Cellars is now The Texas Wine Collective

Welcome to The Texas Wine Collective, where the Lone Star State’s finest wines await your discerning taste buds and your excellent sense of humor! Nestled near Austin, this wine oasis is the perfect finale for your wine tour along the 290 highway shuttle. No need to twiddle your thumbs; with ample outdoor seating and multiple tasting rooms, your glass will be filled with Texan charm in no time.

Wine Highlights at The Texas Wine Collective

  • A fantastic bottle of Rose that’s practically the elixir of Texas hospitality
  • Impressive Meritage and Holiday blends that’ll make you rethink your holiday wine choices
  • The genius of legendary wine maker Jim Evans, ensuring every grape is as happy as a Texan at a barbecue
  • Pop-up dinners that’ll leave your taste buds doing the two-step


  • A wine lover’s paradise, perfect for west Texans, day-trippers, and weekenders escaping the hustle and bustle of city life
  • Operated by the dynamic duo, Beth and Roxanne, who make sure everything, from the wines to the grounds, is as charming as a Texan sunset
  • Beautiful grounds and a chill vibe, providing a haven for wine enthusiasts seeking both serenity and the perfect sip
  • Family-friendly ambiance, where toddlers get crayons, bubbles, and juice boxes, and parents get to unwind with a glass of bliss

Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or just a Texan looking for an excuse to laugh and sip, the Texas Wine Collective has your back. From live music to knowledgeable servers like Chuck, who will find you a glass of wine like a seasoned detective, every visit is an opportunity to savor the variety and vibe that defines this fantastic winery. So, as they say in Texas, “Go big or go home!” And by “big,” they mean a glass of Rosa Blanca, a bottle of Jim Evans magic, and a vibe that keeps you coming back for more. Cheers, y’all!

The Texas Wine Collective Address

10354 E US Hwy 290
Fredericksburg, TX 78624


(30.2240702, -98.7264153)


4.0 cellars, or what is now know as The Texas Wine Collective, is a unique adventure in Texas winemaking with a mix of 3 different wineries and 3 different styles of wine making. 4.0 Cellars is making high-quality wines with grapevines that are proving themselves in the Texas climate.

“Our dedication was the common thread between us all and what brought us together to grow a second Napa,” so they said.

Three vineyards joined forces to make quality Texas wine and quality Texas food. Without a doubt – Pat Brennan of Brennan Vineyards, Gene Estes of Lost Oak Winery, and Kim McPherson of McPherson Cellars – all began exploring the idea of opening a winery in Fredericksburg, in the heart of Texas wine country. And so it began, they added a tasting room in Fredericksburg to get their grapes to the masses on the Hill Country wine trail. A little sideways with a contemporary atmosphere different from many other wineries on the Texas wine trail.


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4.0 cellars Texas winemaking

McPherson VermentinoDoc McPherson started growing grapes up on the high plains of Texas in 1968. McPherson and another Tech professor founded Llano Estacado Winery in 1976. Just like the hills of Tuscany, they have a large percentage of Sangiovese wine.

Brennan Vineyards was started in a historic home south of Fort Worth in Camanche, Texas. What started as a 5-acre grape vineyard grew into a winery and tasting room where they use their own grapes along with other Texas-grown grapes to make their award-winning wine.

Lost Oak Winery was started by a college microbiologist who had a garage batch of wine that, as any good scientist would have it, exploded in the garage. Luckily, this was only the beginning for the winemaker who started his first vineyard in 1989 and soon after the winery in Burleson, Texas. They host many concerts, outdoor movies on the lawn and could be a picturesque wedding venue. The grapes they grow on their estate include Tempranillo, Shiraz, Blanc du Bois, an Italian white wine called Malvasia Bianca, Ruby Cabernet, and Chardonel.

Three diverse areas within Texas bring you different tastes to experience in one location. A collaboration that will bring you wines you can hang your hat on.

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