Texas High Plains Wine

Texas High Plains Wine Trail

The Texas High Plains Wine Trail is the place where many Texas wine grapes are grown. The High Plains Appellation is one of Texas’ best microclimates and terroir for grapes. You can visit wineries on the Texas High Plains Wine Trail and two of the Vineyards that produce the prevailing grapes of Texas. Some of the state’s emerging signature grapes, include; Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Mourvedre, Dolcetto, Viognier, and Vermentino.

List of the High Plains Texas Wineries

  • Pheasant Ridge Winery
  • La Diosa Cellars
  • McPherson Cellars Winery
  • Llano Estacado Winery
  • CapRock Winery
  • Bingham Family Vineyards

The dry terrain, sandy soil and high heat make for great growing climate for grapes on the vine and in the glass.


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Is climate changing?

Hearing about the hail storm that recently caused damage to the Texas High Plains vineyards, got me to thinking about the variability of weather patterns in the state of Texas. Climate and weather lay in the hands of Mother Nature for any farmer. For the grape farmer it is the taste of the wine that can suffer. While weather experienced throughout Texas can change in short periods of time, almost minute to minute, climate is represented by the condition of the atmosphere. This is how climate should be managed over a long period of time and the weather is dealt with by the daily tasks.

Adequate sun, heat, and water during the growing season, and enough cold during the dormancy phase are crucial for healthy growth of vines and production of premium quality grapes. Grapevines thrive best in climates with long warm summers, and rainy winters. Apart from late-spring freezes this is the best area weather wise for Texas grapes.

Wine Climate

The 3 categories of climate on viticulture include: macro-climate; meso-climate; and micro-climate. Macro-climate is of a larger area, such as region or a country (most of the premium quality wines are grown in Mediterranean, martime, and continental climates). Meso-climate is a climate in a specific site determined by altitude, ocean proximity, prevailing winds, water, etc. And finally, micro-climate is a climate within the vineyard canopy on which winegrowers have the influence with vineyard management practices.



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