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Taste some of our favorite big reds grown in Texas. Texas is home to eight AVAs: Texas High Plains, Texas Hill Country, Texas Davis Mountains, Texoma, Bell Mountain, Fredericksburg, Escondido Valley, and Mesilla Valley. Check out this list of some of the finer red wines you will find from Texas wineries:

  • 2016 Pedernales Cellars Tempranillo. Ripe dark berries, dark cherry, vanilla, cola and leather feature supple tannins and 13 percent alcohol. $20
  • 2015 Brennan Vineyards Tempranillo. This wine offers dark fruits, black cherry, vanilla, baking spices, minerality and spicy black pepper on the finish. $28
  • 2014 Bending Branch Winery Tannat. Full of ripe plum, fresh raspberry and vanilla, this wine is silky, with a streak of cranberry tang. $30
  • 2014 Duchman Family Winery Aglianico. Ripe dark fruit, incense, cedar, leather, black pepper and grippy tannins are all present here. $30
  • William Chris Vineyards Skeleton Key IV. This lip-smacking nonvintage syrah-tempranillo blend is full of blueberry pie, plum, vanilla, mocha, incense, tobacco and white pepper. $34
  • 2014 Spicewood Vineyards The Good Guy. Stewed fruit, blackberry, sassafras, leather, smoke and chewy tannins leads to a touch of black pepper in this tempranillo-merlot-cabernet sauvignon-graciano blend. $40
wine tour afternoon
wine tour afternoon

Listed here are the Texas Red Varietals. The hotter sections in Texas are best suited for Mediterranean grape varieties such as Syrah, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Viognier, and Vermentino, but some AVAs also produce Cabernet Sauvignon.

Texas Reds

Malbec – Complex, tannin-laden red with lush flavors of plums, berries and spice. Pair with beef dishes, turkey and hearty stews. Produced in the Texas (State Appellation), Texas High Plains (AVA), and the Texas Hill Country (AVA). 

Tempranillo – Lush, smoky red with a hint of vanilla and rich, dark fruits. Pair with pizza, cabrito and tamales. Produced in the Texas High Plains (AVA). 

Syrah – Smokey red with soft tannins, toasted oak, berries and plums. Pair with beef stew, grilled meats, pizza and wild game.

Mourvèdre (moor-VEDr) – is added to Texas GSM, a mix of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre to add tannin and alcohol. Mourvèdre on it’s own can produce a flavor similar to Merlot.

Sangiovese – Smooth-textured red varietal spiced with wild raspberries and licorice. Pair with beef, pork, pasta dishes and cheese. 

Zinfandel – Full-bodied, bold and fruity red bursting with berries and spice. Pair with BBQ, red pasta sauce and pizza. 

Merlot – Medium-to-full bodied red with a subtle, herbaceous flavor and soft tannins. Pair with meatloaf, grilled tuna and eggplant parmesan. 

Cabernet Sauvignon – Complex, hearty red with bold flavors of cherry, cedar and chocolate. Pair with rack of lamb, T-bone steak and wild game. Produced in the Bell Mountain (AVA), the Texas Davis Mountains (AVA),  and the Texas Hill Country (AVA).

Pinot Noir – Rich, smooth red with delicate notes of black cherries and cloves. Pair with duck, salmon and turkey. 

Lenoir – Deep, dark red with notes of raspberry, cinnamon, cherry-chocolate, clove and brown sugar. Pair with raspberries and chocolate, as well as duck, venison and brisket.

About 85% of wine grapes in Texas are grown on the Texas High Plains where approximately 4,000 acres of grapes are harvested.

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