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Have you been good during all the madness of 2020. Good enough that the wine fairies will leave you a wine fairy gift basket? Forget about Santa Clause. Bring joy to your neighbors during the lockdowns with a movement of kindness. These “wine fairies” have been leaving wine fairy gifts of wine and treats on doorsteps of neighbors in their community.

The fairies collect addresses of wine lovers in their Facebook communities and ask which varieties of wine they would prefer to receive. The members of the wine fairy group dress up complete in wings, tutus and magic wands. They tiptoe to the wine lovers homes, leave the wine gift basket, ring the door bell and run for cover.

wine fairy holding a bottle of wine

“It’s about bringing others happiness and meeting new people,” said San Antonio native Jacque Lopez, who brought the movement to her neighborhood. “It starts off as a random act of kindness to a stranger and becomes a friendship with the neighbor you didn’t know you had.

They call it the sisterhood of the traveling wine Facebook group. Founded by a mom who would leave bottles of wine and small wine gifts on the doorsteps of strangers, friends, and neighbors.

When Jennifer Marks got “wined” last Friday she waited for 10 minutes before opening her gift bag to her surprise it was a bottle of her favorite Pinot Noir and a wine coloring book and colored pencils.

She made a special moment of opening this bottle of wine, pouring it into the funny glass that was also in her wine bag. Then sat down and enjoyed the moment. “What a great surprise, it made me feel special.”

This idea to show each other love is important. “You never know what someone is going through,” Marks said. “A little gift left on your front porch might brighten their day.”

Pink and white wines seem to be the most popular choices for the gift bags or baskets. What makes it better than just a bottle of wine are the accompanying little wine fairy gifts. A movement of kindness is what we need to bring joy to your neighbors during the lockdowns. These “wine fairies” have been leaving wine fairy gifts of wine and treats on doorsteps of neighbors in their community.

One community post feature included funny wine socks and bath bombs, another included some wine stoppers with cute sayings tied up with balloons. The possibilities are endless, check out this list of wine gifts to help you create your first wine basket to leave at a friend or neighbors front door. You can go big or small, it’s the thought that counts.

Who doesn’t love a gift on their doorstep?
wine basket

“I’m ready for the lockdowns to be over, and I wanted a pick-me-up, a good morale booster. Something that could bring everyone together,” organizer Jacque Lopez said.

You got “Wined”

Organize some wine fairy fun in your community and create a group geared towards being “wined,” to join more than 2,000 women who have contributed to this movement.

“When you get wined be sure to take a picture of it and share it to the Facebook page and everyone gets to see the gift that you received.” Let’s glide into the season of giving with a little practice.

We’ve put together a few ideas for wine fairy gift baskets to get you inspired. These are just suggestions—the idea is to put your own spin on it. Think of what your recipient will like, and sprinkle some joy on their doorstep (a bottle of wine is totally optional)!