How to pronounce Sangiovese.

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McPherson is a good Texas Sangiovese. Here is what they have to say about this grape variety. Listen how to pronounce this Tuscan classic: San-joe-VAE-sae

Sangiovese was first planted in Texas over 25 years ago by Kim McPherson’s father, “Doc” McPherson, a founder of the modern Texas wine industry. Kim made his first Sangiovese in 1998 and it has remained his flagship wine ever since. The wine has distinctive cherry/berry aroma and flavor accented by white pepper, spice and subtle smoky vanilla from 14 months aging in French oak. It is dry and medium-bodied with balanced acidity and tannins.
Texas Wine Map
Texas Wine Map

A Tuscan Classic Wine

Sangiovese is a Tuscan classic red. As the cedar, the olive, and the vine of the Sangiovese grape all define the Tuscan countryside. The area between Florence and Siena is a major center of experimentation of Italian winemaking, and all are based on the classic Sangiovese grape. The other commonality is the law that they must be oak-aged. Forget the age long gone, of the Chianti wine covered with the souvenir straw. The Chianti Classico, Sangiovese, is now mixed with a small proportion of a Cabernet Sauvignon grape. With this new blend brings the Chianti some character, you’ll find a deeper, richer, more powerful version of Chianti than the old straw-bottle days.

A Food Friendly Wine

Sangiovese’s high acidity and moderate alcohol make it a very food-friendly wine. A traditional Italian dish is a classic pairing of tomato-based pasta and pizza sauces with a Sangiovese-based Chianti. This varietal or those with a smaller proportion of the powerful, full-bodied Cabernet blended in, can accentuate the flavors of relatively bland dishes like meatloaf and roast chicken. Herb seasoning such as basil, thyme, and sage play off the herbal notes of the grapes. Sangiovese that has been subject to more aggressive oak treatment pairs well with grilled and smoked food. If Cabernet, Merlot or Syrah plays a dominant role, the food pairing option should treat the blend as one of those fuller-bodied reds and pair with heavier dishes such as steak and thick soups like Ribollita (a famous Tuscan bread soup) and puréed bean soup.

Listen how to pronounce Sangiovese