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Wine tarrifs are back

Starting January 12, 2021 the Trump administration said it will target more German and French wineFrench wine and spirits with 25% tariffs. The latest escalation in a tariff fight related to a dispute over commercial-jetliner subsidies.

The U.S. will for the first time apply the 25% levies on wines from France and Germany that exceed 14% alcohol, which had previously been exempt.

Wine tariffs surge

The U.S. had seen a surge in these higher-alcohol wines, typically from Spain and France, after wines with 14% alcohol or less were hit with tariffs last year.


The U.S. and the EU have been in a long-running dispute over what each claim are unfair government subsidies to commercial-aircraft manufacturers: Airbus in Europe and Boeing in the U.S.

Clash of tarrifs

The battle has played out recently in a clash of tariffs on consumer products.

The impact of tariffs has been alarming. Imports of wine from France fell 54% during the first five months of 2020 from a year earlier, while those from Germany fell by 42%, according to the US Wine Trade Alliance.


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